We transform

the digital presence

of non-profits

through user-centered design to maximize their impact

Specialized in Crafting Distinctive Identities,
Designing Intuitive User Experiences,
and Developing Custom Web Solutions

We strive to make a positive difference by delivering innovative design solutions to non-profit organizations, amplifying their impact and resonance within their communities.

Industries We Serve

At Breative Design Lab, we understand that each industry has unique challenges and opportunities, and we tailor our UX design solutions to meet those specific needs. Whether you aim to revolutionize healthcare, pioneer advancements in education, or amplify the reach of arts and culture, we have the skills and experience to make your digital presence as impactful as your mission.


From community health resources to patient portals, we craft user experiences that prioritize accessibility, ease of use, and sensitive handling of critical information.

Environment and Sustainability

We help organizations dedicated to sustainability and environmental causes build digital platforms that not only inform but also drive action.

Arts and Culture

Museums, art collectives, and cultural organizations can benefit from our design expertise to create digital experiences that are as enriching as they are visually stunning.

Social Justice and Advocacy

For organizations fighting for equality, civil rights, or policy change, we create platforms that amplify voices and facilitate community organization.


Whether it’s for e-learning platforms, school websites, or educational outreach programs, we design solutions that make knowledge more accessible and engaging.

Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Aid

Our design solutions enable rapid, clear communication and efficient distribution of resources, which are essential in crisis response and recovery efforts.

Youth Empowerment and Development

For organizations focused on youth development, we create platforms that promote growth, skill enhancement, and community involvement, empowering the next generation for impactful change.

Animal Welfare

For organizations committed to animal rights and welfare, we create engaging, informative platforms that support both advocacy and direct action.

By partnering with Breative Design Lab, your non-profit will not just be tapping into cutting-edge design expertise but also into a wealth of industry-specific knowledge. Let us help you turn your vision into meaningful impact.

A Collaborative Ecosystem of Diverse Minds

At Breative Design Lab, we’re not just a team; we’re a living, breathing collaborative ecosystem of diverse minds and cultures. With our multicultural perspective, we are fiercely committed to bridging the critical gap between non-profit organizations and the communities they serve through transformative user experiences.

Our Founding Story

Our journey began with the union of two passionate UX designers from different corners of the globe: Banu Akman from Turkey, now based in New York, and Deb McCabe from the United States, who splits her time between New Zealand and Florida. They found each other while pursuing their Masters in UX Design at MICA and soon discovered they shared a common passion for leveraging design to empower non-profits and make a transformative impact in communities. This vision led to the founding of Breative Design Lab, a mission-driven agency focused on empowering non-profits through innovative design solutions.

Our Design Philosophy

Rooted in co-design and participatory design principles, we work in close collaboration with our clients throughout the design development process. This approach, enriched by our multicultural perspective, ensures that our designs meet the needs of our stakeholders and yield highly usable impactful solutions.

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